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Great America, Santa Clara, ACERail Station

  This station serves the ACE Rail trains which serve commuters along the San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont, Pleasanton, Livermore, Tracy, and Stockton. and the Amtrak Capitol Corridor trains which connect San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont, Oakland, Emmeryville, and Sacramento.

Does anybody actually ride a train in Silicon Valley ?

Yes. Crowds of people do.

Can I catch a bus at this station ? Yes. Do I have to walk far ? No.

Buses wait for the train, right beside the tracks.

Can I park my motorcycle at this station ?

Of course you can. Park under the bridge for best protection from the elements.

Does my employer offer a shuttle bus to pick me up here ?

Yes, if your employer is National Semiconductor, Microsoft-WebTV, Cisco, or a few others.
Hewlett-Packard-Agilent-Compaq published a shuttle bus map.

Can I get anything to eat at this station ?

Yes. There's a food van at this staion from 4 to 6pm.

How can I get from my train to light rail ?

Walk up the stairs, then walk 300 meters east to the Lick Mill light rail station.

Tell me more about the buses waiting for me.

These trains connect with Amtrak shuttle busses and ACE Rail shuttle busses as explained by the VTA ( by number) whose shuttles are operated by Serendipity Land Yatchs.

ACE Shuttle buses by VTA route number and color alias:

 ACE Gray Line - South Sunnyvale (822) 
 ACE Green Line - North Santa Clara (823) 
 ACE Orange Line - Mountain View (824) 
 ACE Purple Line - Milpitas (825) 
 ACE Red Line - North Sunnyvale (826) 
 ACE Yellow Line - South Santa Clara (827) 
 ACE Brown Line - Santa Clara (828) 
 ACE Tan Line - North San Jose (829) 
 ACE Gold Line - South Santa Clara (830) 
 ACE Violet Line - East Milpitas (831) 

Staging area for shuttle buses

late bus alternatives, and how to get from Great America to BART

Also, the City of Santa Clara operates a BEE shuttle from Great America.

There are also buses dedicated some Capitol Corridor trains. Some Amtrak buses are in South Bay Flyer Airport livery, but these buses do indeed go to the Great America train station.

This station is in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Silicon Valley. Basically it's at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Tasman Drive, a half mile east of the Westech Santa Clara Convention Center. Its actual street address is on Stars and Stripes Drive. See a map.
More South Bay transportation info is available from

The VTA provides bike lockers at this station, and there is a bike trail to the south.

What's the weather like here ?

Cold and snowing or 110 degrees F and sunny, depending.

Is this just an ugly industrial area ?

No. There's a golf course just north of here and the Santa Clara Convetion Center just west.

The Irvine Company will further develop this area for the City of Santa Clara: plans for this area.